DevCom network: Bridging the gap between developmental and computational biology

  • High-quality interdisciplinary training at eight European partner institutions
  • Extensive collaboration through exchange projects and network meetings
  • Unique training program on experimental and computational skills
  • In-depth knowledge on embryonic gene regulatory networks and development in health and disease

Vacancy: Experienced Researcher/Post-doc (2014-2016)

Developing an amphibian environmental stress sensor for specific bio-hazards
Where: WatchFrog (Paris, France)

Understanding how environmental stressors affect health requires screening methods that are rapid, sensitive, and yet provide physiological, preferably in vivo, information. WatchFrog is developing alternative aquatic models to identify endocrine disruptors or toxicants. Our technology relies on aquatic vertebrate animal models (Xenopus and Medaka) that fluoresce when a biological function is activated. We are proposing here the development of a new Xenopus laevis transgenic line able to detect a specific compound that is a major concern for some industrials and for environment. Read more

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