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Posted on: 14/10/2014

Two research papers from the labs of Gert Jan Veenstra and Michiel Vermeulen (Radboud University, Nijmegen, The Netherlands) within the DevCom network have been accepted for publication in Nucleic Acid Research and FEBS:



  1. Global absolute quantification reveals tight regulation of protein expression in single Xenopus eggs.
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Starts on: 23/02/2015

This 2.5 day workshop (0.8 ECTS) teaches the technique of somatic gene transfer and its application to generate Xenopus induced pluripotent cells (xIPs). Somatic gene transfer involves the injection of either naked DNA into tail muscle or polyethylenimine vectorised DNA into neural tissue to overexpress or knock down gene expression. Most recently, a cocktail of pluripotency factors can be injected into caudal muscle so as to generate xIPs. These cells can be cultured and either induced to differentiate in vitro, or transplanted into another host and differentiated in vivo. Such techniques ...

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