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Systems biology of Development and Differentiation

26 February 2015 ♦ Paris, CNRS ♦ Call for abstracts



Boris Lenhard (Imperial College) ♦ Jorge Ferrer (Imperial College)
Patrick Lemaire (CNRS) ♦ Deborah Bourchis (Institut Curie)



Epigenetics, gene regulation and chromatin ♦ Development, differentiation and disease ♦ Computational biology



Before 6 February

Abstract max. 200 words

Participation fee: 75 euro

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Posted on: 22/01/2015

Losing Our Minds: Effects of Chemical Pollution on the Intellectual Capacity and Mental Health of Future Generations

By Barbara Demeneix

 In Losing Our Minds I set up and discuss the hypothesis that two major environmental factors are interacting synergistically and adversely affecting early brain development, particularly during intra-uterine growth.  These two factors are chemical pollution affecting thyroid hormone signaling and iodine lack.  This hypothesis is based on the well-established fac...

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Next workshop!
Starts on: 22/06/2015

This 4 day course will introduce the participants to more complex methods of computational analysis which will broaden attendees understanding of what is possible, and introduce new tools and techniques. In particular the workshop will look at machine learning methods and the use of Bayesian statistics.

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